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Coaching vs Other Helping Professions

Posted On Mar 29, 2022 |

Understanding the difference between coaching, consulting & mentoring.

Coaching vs Therapy

Therapy is focused on exploring the past in order to understand the present. The therapist explores emotions and problems, helps the client heal by asking questions about why things happened in the past. Therapy is for individuals that may have some dysfunction, disorder or need healing from past traumatic experiences. Therapists explore emotional issues and work on personal recovery by fixing problems and developing skills to manage emotions and overcome these types of areas of concern.

Coaching is focused on moving into the future by looking at the present and determining/visioning what success will look like and creating solutions to get there. Coaching is for well-functioning individuals that want to enhance their lives, improve performance, learn and develop in various areas of life. Coaching focuses on how to move forward to a desired state of success. The process can be therapeutic, though it is not therapy.

Coaching vs Mentoring

Mentoring is having a role model that has experience and expertise in an area that the client would like to grow and succeed in. Mentors use their own personal experience to guide their clients.

Coaching is allowing the client to use their own level of expertise and knowledge to attain a level of success they desire. Coaches do not use their personal expertise to influence the success of the client.

Coaching vs Consulting

Consultants are working towards a set agenda with the client that they have outlined. Consultants are experts in various fields and offer their knowledge and skills with direct answers to the client's concerns.

Coaches do not have an agenda for the client and allow the client to determine the course of the coaching relationship. Coaches are skilled and knowledgeable in their fields but are of the opinion that their clients are the experts in their own lives. Coaches “partner” with their clients and hold them accountable to achieve what they say they want to.

Coaching vs Friendship

Friends are not always objective and may have an agenda of their own when offering you advice. Your friend may not always be honest or feel safe enough to point out any areas that may need attention. A friend may not always be as trustworthy as a coach.

Coaches are objective and non-judgemental and are skilled in challenging their clients in a safe and supportive environment. A coach is not afraid, to be honest and suggest areas that need to be worked on. The coaching relationship is based on what the client wants and therefore the coach does not have an agenda, does not give advice but rather supports the client in a partnership agreement.

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