Inner & Outer Work of Coaching

Posted On Feb 25, 2021 |

When embarking on a coaching and self-development journey, you're hoping that your investment into yourself will be worthwhile. The benefits of coaching can be both tangible and intangible, so it's worth mentioning the inner and outer work that takes place over a coaching engagement.

The Inner Work

The first, inner work, often has intangible results. This involves identifying your core beliefs, values and perceptions that are currently creating your current level of authenticity and self-leadership. Updating these beliefs through the process of Core Energy Coaching lays the foundation for the second stage of our work together. Doing the inner work is what creates the transformation. This takes courage, openness, dedication and a safe environment. It also takes time to create new habits and beliefs while letting those they were not serving you, go. The most important part is not to rush this stage, as the outer work success depends on the inner work being done properly.

The Outer Work

The second, outer work, means taking these new beliefs and putting them into action. Designing sustainable and achievable goals that reflect your authenticity and desire to lead yourself in life, will be where you work with your new vision of what you want your life to look like. You will put your new learning and insights about yourself into action, together with the support and encouragement of a coach.

Your Inner Game dictates your Outer Game - Fabienne Fredrickson

The Integration

By integrating both the inner work with the outer work, you are able to be more aware of yourself in any given situation, and make more authentic conscious choices. The quest of living and leading a more fulfilling life becomes enjoyable and part of the process. This ability will allow you to effortlessly achieve all you want out of life, and more!

As a client to any of my programs, you'll get access to my personalised client portal where together we track the outcomes of your inner and outer work. That means, at the end of our coaching engagement, you'll have a wealth of wins, A-HA moments and goals achieved that will assure you that you got exactly what you wanted from working together! :)

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