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How Journaling brings Clarity in the face of Uncertainty

Posted On Jan 23, 2022 |

Journaling has been proven to assist in mental wellness through the cathartic process of exploring thoughts & feelings to create more clarity & calm.

How often have you felt stuck and wished for some relief from your ongoing thoughts?

Or how many times have you struggled to come to a decision because you’re just overwhelmed with all the feelings you’re having.

It’s pretty normal to feel this constant ‘pressure’ which leads to even more confusion and a sense of feeling even more lost than you really are.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there - and today, I have a solution for you that’s easier than you think. 

It does however require commitment and willingness.

During the most difficult times in my life, I have always journaled.

It just had a calming & centering effect on me when I used to write free flow. 

Journaling has proven benefits to your mental health by releasing your thoughts and feelings onto paper. Through journaling you process what you are going through, more easily than you would to just go on in your unproductive thinking loop. When we are able to clear our mind, and think clearly - we are more likely to see things from a different perspective and create new possibilities for ourselves.

I’ve been using the Journey Journal app for some time now and I just love it! It’s a free online journal and diary that you can use to create a clearer, calmer and happier sense of being. 

Here are the reasons I love the experience of using this journal:

  • Available on my phone and laptop so it’s easy for me to capture my thoughts whilst sitting at my desk, or out and about taking a walk. I love walking and talking - so the audio function here is a total winner! Plus it syncs regularly so when I’m back at my desk, my audio session is already available. 
  • I love the tag function and keeping my entries categorized - so it’s easy to find a particular journal session in a hurry when I want to remember the insights I had.
  • You can add images and location tags to your entries, this is super handy for a travel journal as well if you are interested in this. I love capturing where I have been, what I was experiencing at that time, as well as the mood I was in (using the easy mood tracker)
  • Lastly, I absolutely love the coach programs (on the  that you can enrol for to help you with a variety of courses with prompts to ease fear, increase confidence and my own program and live more simply.

Journal Prompts to help you create Clarity

I’ve teamed up with Journey to create my own coach program based on my passion to help women make more empowering and conscious changes in their lives through gaining self-awareness and living more authentically. 

In this course, you’ll find some thought provoking questions that’ll help you find the clarity you want, if you choose to really embrace the experience. Sign up here for my free Coach Journey Program.

Download Journey here: https://journey.cloud/

Sign up for my FREE journal course Part 1 Here and Part 2 Here.

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