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Are you struggling to find clarity on what you want out of life?
Who are you currently and who do you want to become?
Are you unsure if coaching is for you?

Not sure what to expect & if it's for you. Maybe this'll help.

This is for you if:

> You are at a turning point in your life -  and you're seeking a once-off clarity on your current minor change. It's perfect for coaching around a decision you're about to make.

> You’re thinking of working with me through private 1:1 coaching and want to see if we're a fit, gain more information and walk away with a few a-ha moments!

This is NOT for you if:

> Looking for a quick fix with a major life change. Major life change takes time, effort and guts. Rather check out my Digital Products for some quick wins.

> You are not committed to working through the emotions that can come as a result of both minor & major life transitions.

I'm Mel and I'm here to help ...

I’m Mel and I want to support you through life's greatest transitions & making courageous decisions in your life so that you can live more authentically, connect with your true self and become all that you are meant to.

After experiencing major transitions in my life, I’ve experienced the emotions, disruption and core shifts that come with pursuing a life of authenticity & freedom. Having walked the road, I’m dedicated to helping and supporting you build a life you love while respecting your values, energy and emotions.

After our time together, you’ll walk away:
- Removed limiting blocks that were keeping you stuck in your thinking and actions
- Having overcome uncertainty and are ready to finally go after this the new beginning

- Having dealt with the ‘negative’ feelings that may arise unexpectedly due to this transition
- Feeling equipped to handle stress (and future change) with more awareness and ease

- In the process of building a new life that feels effortless & is aligned with your soul
- With a mindset prepared for even more growth and personal expansion

Major transitions that I coach my clients through:
> Getting Married
> Emigrating
> Divorce
> Mid-Life Career Shift

Unsure if I’m the right coach for you? Totally understandable! Why not book a non-sales call and let’s get to know each other - because the life you want is so much closer than it feels! 

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