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COR.E Transitions Dynamics is the most comprehensive process
for mastering the transitions in your life.

Transitions are an inevitable part of life. Some transitions are chosen, while others are given to us. Some transitions are major, and some are minor. Knowing how to deal with ALL transitions in your life from a highly conscious perspective will greatly increase your comfort with change and leave you excited and energized for what lies ahead (even when that is unknown).

Using this program with your Specialist, you will learn to:

●Understand the COR.E Transitions Dynamics process and how to implement it to successfully navigate the transitions in your life.

●Develop confidence, feel it during all your interactions and challenges, and keep it in the aftermath of adversity.

●Create long-term, powerful goals and short-term strategies that work toward the future AND have an immediate effect on how you show up and perform.

●Remove distractions in order to develop concentration, focus, alertness, decision-making abilities, and other attributes of those who successfully navigate life’s transitions.

●Create a philosophy/life perspective that resonates with high energy in order to create success in all aspects of life. 

COR.E Transitions Dynamics draws on the concept that at the time of a transition, such as starting a new job, downsizing to a condo in another state after you sold the house your children grew up in, dealing with a new disability, or waiting months and months to adopt a baby, nothing is more important in that moment, than the energy you’re experiencing.

That’s because dealing with any transition requires that you perform tasks – whether that task is interviewing for a new position, having a difficult conversation with your spouse, packing up your home, or a myriad of other possibilities – and the more energy you have available for that task, the higher the potential for extraordinary performance. The better your performances are, the more effectively you’ll be able to navigate transitions and live an extraordinary life.

COR.E Transitions Dynamics integrates a knowledge base with the use of an assessment and a learning process that facilitates the ability to make successful transitions for individuals in whatever area of life they would like to feel more successful, satisfied, and engaged. 

Imagine this... what might be possible if you…

● were more aware,
● were more confident,
● were more consistent,
● were more connected to others and self, and
● had access to a systematic, repeatable approach to mastering the transitions in your life?  

Your Transitions Mastery Blueprint:
The 5 Components of COR.E Transitions Dynamics System 

These 5 core components are critical in unlocking your true potential. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re considering a relatively minor transition, such as beginning an exercise routine, or if you are facing a major life change such as a difficult divorce where you feel turned upside down. Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances, these components are the bedrock on which your performance and ability to make successful transitions is based.

Component 1 – Creating Your “Game Plan”

Most people going through a transition are looking for something more or different out of the experience, but they either don’t know exactly what that “something” is or they have only defined part of the goal and not the complete picture.  For instance, a couple might decide to buy a house together but may not spend much time considering what type of experience they wish to have in the process, how they’ll negotiate differences in opinions, or how they will handle any setbacks.  Without this clarity and complete vision, you can struggle to reach the level of performance you’re looking for – and even when you reach a goal, you may still feel like something is missing. Any of this can lead to uncertainty, lack of confidence in decision-making, lack of fulfillment and enjoyment, or feeling constantly bored or consistently uneasy.  

In this component of the program, you will:  
•Understand the basis and foundation of COR.E Transitions Dynamics
•Create a vision with specific goals
•Build out your approach and your program  
•Identify your baseline for performance potential using what will become one of your best assets, the SCOPE assessment •Optional: Experience the eye-opening Energy Leadership Index assessment and debrief  

Component 2 – Establishing Your Energy & Performance Foundation 

Understanding the nature of energy (in all its forms) will help those who are in transition to develop more day-to-day consistency.  To maintain consistency as well as excellence, both long- and short-term energies need to be managed properly.  One’s talent and level of competency do not change from day to day or even moment to moment; it's the person’s energy that is constantly changing.  By understanding the nature of the energy of performance, an individual can take steps to proactively create consistent experiences to lead to the probability of desired outcomes (we can’t guarantee the outcome itself – but we can set you up to be as well-positioned as you can in order to achieve it).    

In this component of the program, you will:  
•Explore mastery and its importance  
•Dive into understanding the energy of performance  
•Learn and begin to face what blocks energy (and thus significantly holds back your performance potential)
•Become aware of how you think, feel, and act, so that you can break through any limiting thoughts and undesired reactions 

Component 3 – Finding and Harnessing Your Performance Influencers

How do you make real, meaningful, and intentional changes in the moment in a manner that either redirects your momentum to get back on track or further enhances your energy when things are going well?

 This component helps you understand how to solve issues in real time.  Waiting to make adjustments after your performance is for long-term progress – and very important.  You also need to know what to do in the moment – so you can revamp, rethink, and retry on the fly.  You will understand how to boost your energy and performance in the moment. You’ll begin to develop a personal success formula that you can apply as needed to capitalize on your strengths, traits, preferences, and attitude.  This dramatically improves the repeatability and consistency of your performance.    

In this component of the program, you will:  
•Discover the 6 energy influencers that most affect your performance •See, feel, and understand exactly how much these influencers detract from your ability to perform at your current capacity
•Learn how to create shifts for yourself that produce high levels of energy in the moment  
•Create action plans and determine which intervention strategies work best for you to bring about your ideal performance state 

Component 4 – Mastering the 10 COR.E Disciplines 

Where do distractions, lack of motivation or confidence, sabotaging self-talk, resistance, and other hexes that plague people in transition come from?  

The world’s greatest decision-makers, change-makers, and individuals who powerfully transition get their calm, cool demeanor from a frame of mind, perspective, or attitude that unleashes their full potential.  They have developed an approach that keeps their motivation high, their resiliency strong, and their ability to spot opportunities sharp.  

This component reveals the 10 COR.E Disciplines that are instrumental to bringing out your ideal performance state.  

In this component of the program, you will:  
•Learn and practice the 10 COR.E Disciplines
•Create a life and leadership philosophy, based on these disciplines, that unleashes your energy, potential, and performance
•Discover a “way of being” that’ll be instrumental to bringing out your ideal performance state and your true potential 

Component 5 – Optimizing Your Success Formula

One of the key elements to understand AND embrace: what worked yesterday may not work today, nor should it.  You need to know how to evolve your approach building upon what’s working, modifying as you go, and eliminating the elements that no longer serve you.  

Understanding what is and is not working can be complex. What appears to work or not work may be obvious or it could be much deeper and systemic. This is where the real optimization comes from – by knowing what’s at the core of your performance, you can continually focus on cause instead of effect, and build your potential for the long-term.  

It’s time for you to make decisions and create change as you’ve never done so before!


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Change can be overwhelming, confusing and scary.
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I know because I have felt them all (and more!) while trying to navigate through a stressful divorce, immigrating to a new country, changing careers and creating a new life for myself abroad

Whether you ultimately pursue mastering COR.E Transitions Dynamics to create inner or outer change, the program must fit your unique needs, goals, and vision. Reach out to learn more about it.

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