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What if you could Thrive & Transform through a Major Life Transition
With Less Confusion or Overwhelm?

Or, let me rephrase that …

What if, in 6 months, you could feel the freedom and flow that results from releasing the “old self”,
others expectations and showing up authentically by going through some bold & courageous changes in life?

A life that allows you to …

• Feel excited about the thought of new opportunities and experiences
• Tap into your true potential; where you’re inspired to take action & make it happen
• Be aligned with your purpose and souls’ call and finally have meaning in life
 • Improve your career, personal relationships and zest for life
• Feel free, liberated, fulfilled and fully on fire!

Because you believe that life is meant to be easier than this and you truly deserve to be your best self. If you want to transform and thrive through transition… then keep reading!

Between where you are now and the new beginning, there's alot of uncertainty...

You know that in order to get through the change itself will require a certain amount of grit and resilience. But in order to create a life of freedom, peace and authenticity on the other side, you need to clear the confusion, ease the fear and embrace the current changes in your life…  It's a hard thing to do and you may have some serious doubts and strong emotions at this time: 


Can I make it through this change? It feels SO big and scary!

You're doubting whether you'll be able to survive this massive change and what is about to come, both now and in future.


How do I deal with all the guilt, anger & fear?

You're feeling some strong emotions - maybe toward yourself or others. You fear facing this all alone and the negative emotions feel too much to handle.


What if I'm worse off on the other side of change?

You're fearing what the future holds, who you must become, that people will think you're crazy, desert you and that you'll be worse off than where you are now.

Don't worry, you're perfectly normal ...

Letting go of all the undesired emotions, thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, limiting beliefs and interpretations can be the key to feeling more freedom, authentic and empowered. You will be able to move forward in life without the guilt and/or anger, overwhelm and fear that you may have adopted on your way through major life changes. What would happen if you were:

Ready to shed all that is not truly you so you can experience life and your future new beginning with excitement?

 Feeling more expansive and were finally ready let go of the job, relationship or place that’s bogging you down?

Clear and confident in your choices -  not letting everyone else’s opinions confuse you or make you think of what you ‘should’ be doing in this difficult time of your life?

I'm Mel and I'm here to help ...

I’m Mel and I want to support you through life's greatest transitions & making courageous decisions in your life so that you can live more authentically, connect with your true self and become all that you are meant to.

After experiencing major transitions in my life, I’ve experienced the emotions, disruption and core shifts that come with pursuing a life of authenticity & freedom. Having walked the road, I’m dedicated to helping and supporting you build a life you love while respecting your values, energy and emotions.

After our time together, you’ll walk away:
- Removed limiting blocks that were keeping you stuck in your thinking and actions
- Having overcome uncertainty and are ready to finally go after this the new beginning

- Having dealt with the ‘negative’ feelings that may arise unexpectedly due to this transition
- Feeling equipped to handle stress (and future change) with more awareness and ease

- In the process of building a new life that feels effortless & is aligned with your soul
- With a mindset prepared for even more growth and personal expansion

Major transitions that I coach my clients through:
> Getting Married
> Emigrating
> Divorce
> Mid-Life Career Shift

Unsure if I’m the right coach for you? Totally understandable! Why not book a non-sales call and let’s get to know each other - because the life you want is so much closer than it feels! 

Which stage of change are you currently in?



Gain clarity, overcome doubt, fear, resistance & loss.

Change is the only constant in life, and we’re usually rarely ready for it. And whether it’s a relationship ending, a career path coming to a close, or moving away from your home - we usually can’t see how we will get through it. You are on the doorstep of change - whether you know it or sense it. 

I help you prepare for change by evaluating life now and what needs to change to help you make sense of NOW & what's about to change. I'll help you gain awareness of all that's changing so we can look start looking forward, not back.



Let go of resentments, beliefs, identities & expectations.

Moving through change effectively means evaluating and learning from the experience - so that we don’t make the same mistakes again. This phase is all about “purging” all the stuff that's not working for you! It’s a very emotionally healing time & can be a time of intense shedding and renewal.

I help you through this uneasy time by eliminating everything that is no longer serving you, keeping you stuck & feeling lost. I help you with baby steps to taking more courageous action as well as handling emotions and disruption.



Experience acceptance, purpose, freedom in your exciting future!

You’re past the real”low point” of the change cycle & you’re ready to start looking forward. You have more clarity, peace and inner trust. You’re ready to start putting your feelers out into the world and take “one step at a time” to move your life away from what was  is gone to what is available to you.

I help you plan for after change by evaluating your next move in an authentic way. Get excited about life, by visualising & planning to create the “after”. I help you with accountability on actions & habits to find more joy.

Read what other's have to say ...

"I was glad to meet Melissa. Melissa showed me how to find my inner voice, to tackle the problems that concern me. The coaching process was a great inspiration for self-knowledge and personal development. Melissa is an excellent personal coach, approachable, understanding, and really organized. It is very useful for any person who is looking for a safe “mind-place” to sort out their stuckness, I left every session with a relief. Strongly recommended."

Annie Soos

"Melissa helped me tremendously! The sessions showed me so much of myself and I couldn't have done it alone. Thank you thank you thank you! 100% would recommend!"

Carla van Rensburg

"My time with Melissa was both enjoyable and beneficial. She is a caring professional that listens with compassion. She guided me into understanding myself better and helped me see things from a different perspective. All in all, our sessions made me feel heard & connected, which is unusual in these unconnected times. I left each session with clarity and peace of mind."

Michelle Baransky

You know that this point in your life (and what comes next) has the power to lead you to new mental, physical and emotional spaces. You’re thoughts, feelings and actions will never be the same.  

What can I expect from private coaching?...

Some results and benefits you'll gain are:
- Removed the limiting blocks that are keeping you stuck in a life that feels unfulfilling (you initiate the chnage)
- Acceptance of a situation you may not be able to change (some one else initiated the change)
- You’ve overcome uncertainty and are ready to finally go after what you desire > peace, purpose and freedom!
- You’ve dealt with the ‘negative’ feelings that may arise unexpectedly due to this transition
- You’re equipped to handle stress with more awareness and ease so future changes don't unhinge you again
- You’re building a life that feels effortless & is aligned with your soul after the transition
- A mindset prepared for even more growth and personal expansion

Because there is no one-size-fits-all in coaching, I use 3 stages of transition to guide our work together.
This is not a step-by-step program because change is unpredictable & what're you are going through is unique to you.

After working together, you'll become more equipped for surviving & thriving this transition,
plus all future changes in your life. (because change is the only constant)

A monthly 1:1 coaching package to support you through major transitions in your life.

When you sign up for initial 3 coaching sessions, you’ll get:
• 3x 45-Minute Coaching Sessions per month (3 weeks on, 1 week off)
• Unlimited in-between sessions support
• Access to portal with curated content on transitions
• Personalized Resources

Private 1:1 coaching requires an initial 3-session (1 month) commitment to help you transition and thrive through change by letting go of the past & moving into the future.

Thereafter, month to month coaching is applicable with the option to cancel with 14 days notice.

Not sure if you're ready yet?

That's ok! Take the first step and book a clarity call and let's explore this together

Step One

Sales calls are the worst, nobody feels comfortable. So we'll just chat about what you need & what I do, to determine if we're a match.

Step Two

Next we'll clarify your need, craft a plan based on my signature framework on navigating life's biggest changes & transitions.

Step Three

Together we'll work the plan with clarity and move step by step through change with ease and grace, knowing I am there to support you.


I work mainly with women in their 30's and 40's who are experiencing shifts and changes in their lives. They're ready and committed to taking responsibility and action to move forward in their lives.  My clients are situated mostly in Europe and the UK. I do work with clients in other time zone's on request.

I have worked with women who are going through job changes, entire career shifts, new relationships, ending relationships, emigrating to a new country & adpating to the new environment.

I am certified as a COR.E Transitions specialist, meaning that I have an educational background in transition/change and the necessary skills to support you through yours. I also have first hand experience facing many transitions myself such as marriage, divorce & emigration. Read more of my story here, or let's have a coffee and connect there.

This package is right for you if you are committed to working through your life changes in a conscious way. Coaching is a powerful way to move forward in life and open yourself up to new possibilities. By having a clarity call together, we can determine if you'd benefit from 1:1 coaching. You can read more about coaching & the benefits thereof on my blog.

If you are committed to the process, ready to invest in yourself and willing to take action - there is no reason you will be the same or worse after working together. You are responsible for your results throughout our work together.

Still undecided? ...

This is for you if:

> You are at a turning point in your life -  and feel like you need a major life change and you’re craving something different. You can't go on with things as is.

> You’re going through a major transition in your life, whether you predicted it or not and are completely overwhelmed and shocked and want to work with a coach that can support you through creating a vision for yourself, and partner with you to make it happen.

> You are ready for change and want to invest in yourself and the resources you need to get through it in one piece. Your soul is calling you to more than what you are and the life you currently lead.

> You cannot imagine staying stuck and ignoring you soul's calling - forever wondering what would have happened if you answered it’s call. You are committed, coachable, honest & open-minded.

This is NOT for you if:

> Looking for a quick fix. Major life change takes time, effort and guts. Rather check out my Digital Products for some quick wins.

> You are not committed to working through the emotions that can come as a result of major life transitions.

> You are not a genuine, nice person. If there is no mutual respect between us and we don’t click, I’ll ask you to leave.

> Not willing to take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions.

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